31 August 2005

Ronald and Me.

I haven't seen the "documentary", but I really want to. Apparently, Spurlock goes on a 30 day McDonald's binge and gains 30 lbs. Everyone I've talked to says it was a pretty gross film.

I bring this up because I am becoming addicted to McDonald's here in Brasil for the following reasons

  • Adds variety to my diet. I didn't see this one coming, but it is true.
  • It is super close to my house and nearly everywhere else I go.
  • The employees at the one near my house are cool. They sing music while working, laugh a lot, smile, are friendly, etc. Generally more energetic than other restaurant alternatives.
  • McDia Feliz
Also, I've had a great time reading this Anti-Spurlock website. I find I tend to enjoy well done anti- sites because they try to debunk well-packaged arguments which, when the audience lacks sufficient information, may become widely accepted even if they are not credible. Here is Q&A with the lady that lost weight on the McD's diet.

Me with Ronald at McD's on McDia Feliz.

I got a shout out from the DJ for being a "gringo." I corrected him with the proper term, "amerioca."

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