13 August 2005

Are the 80's back?

I don't know if I am ahead or behind the curve on this one because I am kind of sheltered here in Brasil. One thing I am not sheltered from is American music which pervades the airwaves of Rio more than any other local variety. However, utilizing WMP and iTunes radio option, and sadly listening to Top 40, has left me feeling the rhythm of the music has some 80's undertones (I am struck by my inadequecy at describing the sound of music). "Stacy's Mom" and "Cool" come to mind, though the feeling is subtle.

On a similar but different note, I'm not sure when the term "oldies" arose in its present significance, but I certainly remember the term being used in the early 90's. This means it could not have been more than perhaps 15-20 years after those hits from the 60's and 70's (if you consider 70's oldies). Does anyone know the date the term came into use?

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