03 August 2005

The never-ending summer(y)

Yeah, I know it should be summary. So the five students taking classes at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) all failed our first homework assignment for Engineering of Work. We were asked to read the introduction to the text. I almost completed the six pages, as the going was slow translating from the portuguese. When we arrived at class we noticed everyone turning in a page, some typed, others handwritten. Then the professor, Orlando Gomez, comes by and asks for our summary. Well goodness!

So none of had done it because it wasn't explicitly assigned. Appearantly all readings must be accompanied by summaries. Not that I would have been able to finish it considering a page of portuguese text could take me several hours to write.

Assignment for Monday, read (oh and summarize) chapter 2. Number of pages: 39

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