09 August 2005

Ethanol vs. Gasoline, Unsolved Mystery

After reading about the inefficiencies of ethanol, but also noting that one of the researchers draws some funds from the oil industry, I decided to search the web for more info. I ended up generally frustrated with the results, though I am not really suprised. Lots of "science" relavent to political hot topics is mired in a jumble of conflicting studies. This is because many studies are conducted at the request and with the funds of special interest groups and lobbies. Since they have the most to gain from convincing the public and Congress, their (mis-)information is what floods the lines. An independent group is both difficult to find and difficult to fund.

So if you've already found some good information on this topic, post the info in the comments, and thank you for reducing my info-gathering costs on this isssue.

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