09 August 2005

Opportunity cost on Copacabana beach

I finally purchased a soccerball last night, ending a 21 year drought between my foot and the most popular sport in the world. So I was quite excited this morning to go out to the beach and start aquainting myself with the physics of the game. It started slow but got a big boost when a walking beach vendor stopped by to kick around with me. I thought we'd mess around for a couple minutes and then he would go back to selling trinkets on the beach. So I was suprised that we kept playing for more than 30 minutes. "Don't you have to work?" was my unspoken question.

I've held back one important detail; it rained last night. And though the sand had dried out, the beaches were still very sparsely populated. So the vendor, named Van, was not losing a lot of business by having a little fun. This is a not benefit afforded Van's office bound equivalents, yet it is also not a number that gets registered into Brasil's GDP or any statistic recording worker benfits. Leisure never does.

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