13 August 2005

Wishes & Rainbows

Alex and I received our first installment of the Federal Reserve Comics. This issue challenges kids (and perhaps older readers) to tackle the problem of unlimited wants in the face of scarce resources. You can order your comics online, as well as many other materials. They are essentially free to you, at a cost to the Fed of about $2.50. If that last sentence was unsettling... good! But rather than feel bad about spending everyone's money on comics, I've ordered a bunch of other materials from the catalog, again at the expense of the Fed, that will help me learn more about the organization. I expect these materials will help me add more value to our society and economy than they cost at the margin, so don't yell at me for spending your tax dollars! In fact, I don't even know how the Federal Reserve is funded... better order some more materials!

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