17 August 2005

Uses of Barbed Wire #43: Snag unsuspecting students

Ilha de Fundão, the island that comprises UFRJ has an interesting method for promoting academic excellence; make the students feel like cattle. A far cry from the well-kept gardens and wavy brick walls of UVA, here one is well advised to look twice before leaning against a fence.

Barbed wire is always put up for a purpose (if not, why not just use regular wire), typically to deter crossing of the boundary it creates. So I am a little befuddled that a university would decide to use low-level barbed fences for common fences. In fact, some portions of these fences have fallen, so beware where you place your foot as well. Obviously these wires are not fulfilling a current security need, so my first move as self-elected UFRJ grounds keeper would be their immediate removal. But I'm not the grounds-keeper -- nor do I believe this position exists -- so the barbs stay.

Photos would elucidate the obserdity of this easy to fix problem... coming at some indeterminate time in the future.

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