25 August 2005


In my ongoing attempts to understand my role in Brasil's opaque social script, I've decided to start learning Xiangqi, or Chinese Chess. Initial observations include

  • There is a whole lot more space than in International Chess
  • It is crazy hard to figure out which pieces are which (all pieces are identified by characters, each team having slightly different ones)
  • I cannot defeat the java program on "too easy" (i.e., the difficulty settings are relative and they are not scaled according to my abilities)
You can play here. If you find a free download, link in the comments section. If you read this and you are not my Mom, Alex Rixey, or Matt Olsen, add a comment so I can get an idea of my readership.


Anonymous said...

I read your blog!!! IT ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

In an attempt to "crowd in," or make the (my) blog appear more popular, and hence persuade others that it may be worth reading, I am adding this comment.