03 September 2005

The transformation

Riddle of the Weekend: What is great to have a lot of, none of, but not some of?

This enty provides an answer to that riddle!

We started innocent and näive.

But we were not to stay this way for long... Behold, the tranformation.

And now for the Amerioca Punk Rocker (plus groupie) album shot

Now I'm bald.

More mohawk madness here. I have been told this is exactly the type of thing not to blog about. In a sense I agree -- it's seems more fitting in one of those tell-all (show-all) online journals. But I'm going to justify it by making liberal use of the blog's title, Second Glance. That is, we got a lot of second glances, and you might say "they should have taken a second glance before doing that!"

As for me, I thought we looked pretty good.

1 comment:

brazilianbuckeye said...

From one punk member to another...... we indeed looked fantastic. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise! Here's to many more nights like that one! ....oh and one more thing....you wouldn't be talking about my journal would you?? ;)