24 September 2005

Job search woes

The past several hours have been spent scouring career guide material. The one really big overriding piece of advice is "first, figure out what do you want to do." Let us consider an unfortunate soul who, from an early age, has been a generalist. Here is a little background,

  • He did Track and Field in high school
  • Was good at standardized tests and essay tests
  • He is a blogger
Our initial approach is to decide between graduate school and a full-time job. The research conducted generally states "...only go to graduate school now if you absolutely know what you want to do." Uhhh... X. So if he doesn't go to graduate school now that still leaves him with trying to find a good job match.

The generalist background/skill set points him toward the consulting industry. But the promise of an 80+ hour work week and 3-4 days of travel per week are not that appealing. On the upside it has the potential to expose him to a great variety of industries and may perhaps lead to the "right" one or summon some ideas for graduate work theses...

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Amanda (Your woman) said...

Hey love,

I think it is best that you are not one of the disillusioned souls that pop out of college thinking they know who they are and what they are going to be dealt. they have no clue, while you on the other hand now are a clean slate ready for whatever is thrown your way. IE Texas Holdem, Lets say you are playing head to head with someone. They have a decent pair in their hand and you have J and Q same suit. While they know exactly what they want laid on the board, you have far greater oppurtunies, like a flush, a straight or possiblity of a higher pair. Oh no, i miss you so much i'm sounding like you....help me. ;)

What i'm trying to say is...think less of the countless burdens that are ahead but more of the countless oppurtunities! Take Brazil for example, when entering UVa did you ever suspect that you would be in Brazil studying systems engineering? You weren't even in the E-school! ;) Or me for instance, ever think you would meet the love of your life at UVa? ;) Okay i'm going to get to the point, you have tons of people that love you and you are soo smart and great that i'm positive that doors will be opened to you and you should have NO worries! Okay that was a bunch of babble, hence why i don't have a blog!
Love ya,