06 November 2005

The value of guest bloggers

I've been debating contracting a guest blogger for the following reasons...

  1. I am a little dry on ideas right now. If you stop by my blog and don't see a new entry you may not think twice. If you do it several times in a row you might knock me off your list of sites to check. Then again perhaps it is unfair to demand your attention if I am not producing attention-worthy material.
  2. I want to get as many people I know involved in blogging as possible. This would give an opportunity to a non-blogger to get a feel for the medium without feeling committed to keeping up his/her own blog.
  3. Guest bloggers often have ideas "saved up" and offer a fresh breath to a stinky blog.
  4. Because I aspire to be like MarginalRevolution.


The General said...

I like how when you click on "The Case for Mars" link on your profile page, it brings up the list of everyone else that has the book listed and how they are all big dorky looking people and how you look all buff and hot in your pic.

annie said...

I have a good controversial suggestion. It's a passage from President Hinkleys talk on forgiveness from this fall. It's the part about the young man who throws a frozen turkey over an overpass onto the highway below, landing on a lady driver there and what happens after that. It's a legal/moral issue that I think could produce an interesting discussion. fwiw. I really like your blog Jeff. This is great. We all miss you and are anxious for your return. Love, Annie