12 November 2005

The Army supports the playing of Civilization IV

You may have heard of the recent release of Civ4, the newest edition of the the best PC game series ever, also widely accepted as the most addicting game ever. In fact, instead of the ESRB's rating of "Everyone 10+", I would suggest this more appropriate warning,

Everyone 10+ EXCEPT people with dependents, people in a relationship or trying to be in a relationship, people in school, people who work, people on a time sensitive medication schedule, and people that rely on food for subsistence.

Fortunately for this blog, Civ4 has not yet been released in Brazil, and so I will continue to update it until said game reaches the stores (Nov 15th). Granted that I find a way to get nourishment without leaving my computer, I'll still need a way to brush my teeth. This is where the US Army comes in. They are developing a chewing gum to replace tooth brushing. And they thought they were doing it for the soldiers in the field... well, I'm going to create my own world, build up my empire, and DOMINATE everone who gets in my way!!! So give me the gum NOW!

(You can download the DOMINATE link by following the instruction at the bottom of the download page... video is highly recommended.)


Alex Rixey said...

Well that's the end of my productive life: I was counting on the Army to come and forcefully remove me from my computer. :0P

MatthewShepley said...

i'll get it too so we can hit up some mulitplayer..... to bad each game is 8hr+ probably... see ya on the map, peace

thricesplice said...

I must say, as of recently I've had an overwhelming desire to play video games. Very much am I looking forward to the upcoming break.
Perhap next semester we will battle for control of (insert name of country to be battled over in said video game here)