30 November 2005

Introducing, Nucleo Boy! (Obituary)

In one of those crazy Friday afternoon thank-goodness-the-weekend-has-finally-come-gee-I -am-going-to-use-a-lot-of-dashes moods, I have decided to create my own self-fulfilling proffecy, namely, "this blog is going downhill, fast." Luckily it hasn't far to fall.

This just in...

In a freak nuclear accident, an american researcher was exposed to a high dosage of radiation while operating an off-site control room simulator. The source of the radiation is unknown, but the effects were quite clear. The photo below was taken just prior to spontaneous human meltdown, a controversial occurance that has never been caught on film (nor has it here).

Insignificant Microb, here I come.

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