11 November 2005


Unsolicited e-mails are annoying, but thankfully spammers are not very clever and so it is easy to pick out and delete without having to read them. Usually by reading the first line of the e-mail you can tell it is spam. Here is one suggestion for the problem of generic spam salutations

Don't start the letter with Dear Valued Customer... which is a very common spam salutation. Instead try to guess the name of the recipient by using some version of the e-mail moniker. Many times you'll probably get the name right... such as with jsmith@rigthwingconspiracy.org. How about starting it Dear Mr. Smith if it is for Viagra or Dear Mrs. Smith if it is for flowers. Sure you may be wrong half the time or more, but if you do get it right you might earn just a bit more credibility... perhaps enough for the recipient to actually view the contents of the message.

Got any others?

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