29 November 2005

Magneto is no match for the Doritos Heroes!

Perhaps the only thing sadder than having spent the time putting together these almost 3d chip bag "action figures," is the time it took me to figure out how to construct Tempestade (Storm).

An ensemble of your favorite Doritos heroes. Wolverine, Tempestade, and Homem de Ferro

The economics of this situation (why Doritos put these in the bag instead of lowering the price, why I am eating Doritos and not Tostitos, why I put these things together and didn't spend the time looking for a job, etc) would cover nearly all the material for an introductory Economics course. The last italized part may cover the material for two Abnormal Psychology courses...

1 comment:

Dad said...

Your preoccupation with assembling 'doritos' superheroes may be similar to my habit while in college of sitting at my desk and tossing quarter sized beans (I like to refer to them as lucky beans, which I plucked from a tree on campus and removed from their size-of-a-large-dill-pickle-sized protective casings)in a small ceramic vase that I made my self on a potter's whell in the student hobby center using the wall behind my desktop as a backboard, all whiole listening to the song 'Brandy' by The Looking Glass over and over and receiving commplaints from the guy in the next room about the constant plinging sound against the wall. A mindless diversion allowing for a buildup of energy enabling you to get on with life.
P.S. You should support your cousin, Jenny, and eat Pringles products.