24 November 2005

Things I would have bet against, turkey style

After every Thanksgiving meal in my memory, some one would bring up the sedative effects of Tryptophan in the Turkey as an explanation for everyone's drowsiness. In fact, it has almost become a cliché after dinner conversation on Turkey Day. Well folks, when the inevitable happens tonight, lay this one on the battle field (dinner table) to stir the crowd out of their (falsely attributed) stupor!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe this most recent study was done on women only. As I recall from my youth, only the men and boys fall asleep while the girls and ladies did the dishes. We never slept. The guys would be crashed out in the living room all sound asleep with the football game going. Perhaps it was the football that made them sleepy. Ooopps.....Cause these days with usually no football on no one falls asleep after thanksgiving dinner. It's all good. Please don't hate me! hehehehe