31 October 2005

Where is the door

I got to talking to Colleen today about the relative merits of the exit door placement on the city buses.

There are essentially two locations for the exit door on the standard city bus. The first is near the back of the bus, right behind the back axle. The second is near the front/middle of the bus a few steps past the turnstile and cobrador.

Front Pro's

Easier to see who is getting on, and if everyone is off.
Sometimes the bus driver starts to pull away or close the doors before everyone has exited... The call for the driver to "Pare" or stop is easier to hear. Also most robbers get on through the back door.

Front Con's

Fewer front/middle seats. I happen to enjoy sitting forward of the back axle. The ride in general is more comfortable, perhaps it is less bouncy, there is better air flow... When the door is in the front, there can be no seats there. The seats that would have been there are instead located behind the back axle. So you are more likely to get a seat in the back.

Exit near the turnstile where people are getting on... potential human traffic jam.
This can create a two way flow. First flow toward the back of the bus when getting on and second toward the front when getting off.

If you trip out the door and the driver pulls away you could get run over by the back tires.

The Back's Pro and Cons are simply the contrary of the Front's.

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