21 October 2005

The digital laughing problem revisited

First read my previous entry on the subject. Then you will realize how sad the following situation really is:

I accidently typed "hahaha" just a few minutes ago, though I did so without really laughing out loud. I immediately felt bad and chuckled a little bit out of obligation so as not to deviate from the meaning I had ascribed to the characters in my previous blog entry.

A dear friend has mentioned that I've left out the so-called evil laugh, denoted by, "muahaha." In my defense I think I have only ever seen her use this digital laugh, though I will admit that now I've started to use it on occasion.

Another good comment from Alex was that things we might typically laugh at in a genuine social gathering elicits little or no laughter during an IM conversation. This point being entirely separate from the polite or fake laugh in that you would genuinely laugh in the face-to-face situation but have little desire to do so online. Perhaps this accents the social role of laughing (and smiling for that matter).

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