31 October 2005

A dream worth reading?

Typically I am not a big fan of listening to other peoples dream stories, unless they are a good story teller. The fact that it didn't really happen is one turn off. The other is that at the level of detail that it is being retold, usually in summary form, it doesn't lend itself to in depth psycho-analysis (as if that is what I wanted to do in the first place). What I would prefer to know is how a dream is currently affecting an individual. For instance, did they have a scary dream and need comfort. If so then the details become more interesting because the listener feels more involved, that is, that listening and perhaps commenting may help bring the comfort.

I just woke up from a nap in which I had an interesting (to me) dream. In spite of what I have just said, I was so excited to have remembered the elements of the dream I have decided to write them down FULL DISCLOSURE: This dream shortly followed the consumption of 17 peices of Laffy Taffy (To Mom: I flossed and brushed before I crashed)...

The following will apply when I get my internet access back: Click Here to Read my dream. I have place it on another site because I don't want to waste space for readers who, like me, wouldn't click on the link!

We, the group I remember including Me, Alex, Dave, and Alex's parents, are in Rio de Janeiro. Alex's parents are obviously visiting. We are in a van that his parents have rented but Alex is out running an errand. I am talking to Alex's parent about what they are going to do tonight. Originially they want to go to a show. I think they mention Genipabu, so I say that that is 3 hours by plane and obviously will not work for tonight.

At this point, as we are driving down the street, we spot Alex on the corner of the street. He hails us but Alex's dad refuses to stop for him until we come to a red light further up the street. Alex is forced to run us down but once he gets in he doesn't seem to have minded too much. It is now that I realize that his parents weren't talking about Genipabu but about some place on a hill marked by a Rock Head. In the dream this apparently was a location where concerts were frequently held and it was just a bit out of the city (In actuality this is a location where several other dreams of mine have taken place; it does not exist to my knowledge in the real world).

As we continue driving we pass a large conference building and decide to check it out. It appears to have a stained glass image of three figures, perhaps the Three Wise Men, and therefore I assume it has religious affiliation. As we enter the conference hall we discover that it is full of elderly people. The speaker is not noticably elderly but he is bald. As we sit down we transforms to consist of me, Alex, Dave, and Orlando (our Capstone Project Adivsor). The conference we are attending appears to be on Aviation Safety, the topic of Dave's capstone project.

After a short while sitting in the audience, I notice an employee of my former workplace, INPUT. I identify him as James Reason, though in reality I believe his name is James Something-Else. He is sitting with two similar looking people that turn out to be his brothers. He notices me talking about him to Dave and Alex and he calls me over (in a voice too loud for having a conference going on). I come over and he ushers me out a side door. Immediately upon stepping out I recognize that I have just stepped into an INPUT office. Apparently after I left working there (in January 2006) they decided to open an office in Rio de Janeiro. Scanning over room, there were a few familiar faces from INPUT, but mostly new people. Most greeted me by name, even though I had not been introduced. I went around greeting people and then James brought me over to a corner where about 10 people were working. One of the ten was Steve Chandler, a gentleman I know from church. His face was noticably red and he seemed to be worried that James was going to tell me business secrets. James assured him that I was harmless but Steve wouldn't back down. So James took me aside and told me that in short we should concentrate our project on the "Computer Architecture and Networking aspect." I mentioned that I wasn't actually working on the Aviation Project but was only attending the Conference as a visitor. I then mentioned that the concentration of our project was helicopter maintanence (i.e., his advice seemed invalid.).

As the conversation ended I went into another room to visit briefly with other employees I might remember. One older lady with a name plate stating she was Rael seemed to remember me. There was another nameplate on her desk that read MÃE, or "Mom" in Portuguese. I figured it was an endearing nick-name picked by the staff. To me she was Sally Bitner, a former manager of mine at a law firm I worked at in the summer of 2001. I asked her how INPUT came to have an office in Rio de Janeiro. She said they had a vote and it was either Idaho or Rio, and so naturally Rio was chosen.

As I walked out of the room she instructed me to pick up some candy from a basket located near the door. She instructed me to take one of the yellow cellophane bags containing an Easter egg and assorted candy in it. I took he bag and proceeded to dump out the egg and the other candy and stuff the bag full of Laughy Taffys and three bags of peanut M&Ms. I started to walk out and back into the conference room when I was asked if I wanted a baked potato. I looked up and behold, a work table had been cleared off and a makeshift aluminum fire pit was a blaze on top, with a foil wrapped potato in its midst. Initially I accepted the offer but decided it would take too long to cook and so I declined and said "Tchau" to everyone. As I re-entered the conference room the speaker was still going.

Upon seeing me, Dave and Alex jumped over the back of their seats and into an empty row where we proceeded to dig into the candy bag.

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Mom said...

That was some dream! P.S. Thanks for brushing and flossing before taking your nap.