25 December 2005

Two blog posts on Christmas

Few things sadder than two blog posts on Christmas... Actually, I'm fine with it. I've had some time to catch up on some of my favorite blogs as well as get through a good chunk of my current reading interest, The Dancing Wu Li Masters. Not to mention watching some funny videos (vulgar) with my brother and cooking up a delicious pasta with linguiƧa white sauce!

As the saying goes, "there must be opposition in all things." Well, in the long run, experiencing a Christmas outside my family's normal tradition may only make my future desire to have the tradition that much stronger. And, God-willing, I'll have plenty more Christmas-es with which to test my theory!

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annie said...

You both were sorely missed this Christmas. We had a great day but it wasn't the same without you and Matt here. It's interesting to me though how life goes on and change just seems to happen in spite of my efforts. I remember when I first started missing holidays away from my first family. I missed everyone soooo much. I missed the food I was used to having plus all the little rituals. Then I started my own family and kids like/need to be in their own homes for Christmas and it's such a hassle for Santa to make his way to another home. So I missed more and more from my first family. Then after a while you get used to it. Too bad we just can't all always stay together, but alas it is impossible. Your post just encouraged feelings of nastalgia in me for some reason. Now both my parents are gone, in fact that whole generation is gone in my family and that is sure weird too. We are looking forward to your return home and hope you have a great time there together.