26 December 2005

Too many choices: blogsphere style

If you know me or read my blog often you know I don't believe in too many choices. Just pick one already! But I couldn't help despairing, if only for a moment, over all the different blog sphere choices at my disposal. For instance, I have accounts here here here and here (won't even get into online dating sites... haha). That seems a bit excessive, in fact you may be thinking that I enjoy filling out all the registration forms for these sites. The actual reason for all my accounts as you are probably well aware is that in order to interact with users of a particular system you often have to have an account on the system. To add comments many blogs require you to login. To connect to friends on systems like facebook and myspace, you obviously need an account.

What is the weapon of choice to slay the beast of many choices... hyperlinks of course. Specifically, set up your bare bones account and then link it to your choice sites.

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