20 December 2005

State of Confusion, Part II

We have all heard girls and women complain that they are expected to look like the models and celebrities in magazines. In fact, it has become so common, that the only appropriate response to such complaints is for the guy to say, "Of course we know that all the pictures are airbrushed." Though I would surmise that not all know to what extent. Well here is an example of the evil magic (takes a minute to load). If you like that link, you'll probably enjoy this one too.

I'm less interested in why magazines do this and what its effects are on teeny-boppers than I am about finding out how much it would cost to have my mug done up style!

Thanks (as always) to MR for the tip. Yes, I freeload off them a lot for my entries... sue me, at least I am citing them.

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