09 December 2005

The final analysis

During finals season, I always seem to suddenly become very busy with non-studying related activities. First year it was Settlers of Catan, second year was Age of Mythology with Wu, third year was Invisible Heart and a crazy Role playing game Chris made up, and forth year I'm going on a weekend retreat and then to the beach. But with me gone, and with no blog updates, you'll be ever more productive. Stop reading now and come back in a week.

Now for all of you still with me, you naughty kids, here is my short list of worthy diversions to keep your mind off all those heady matters like Econometrics, Microbiology, and Computer Architecture...

Sudoku - If you haven't already been sucked into this one, you should probably wait until after finals
Face Transform - Click here for Jeff of all Times and Nations
Hive Intelligence - A neat idea

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