02 May 2006

Shorter, more important post

I know my last post was daunting, sorry.

Bryan Caplan says the Communists are comparable to Nazis. I tend to agree. Also his Museum of Communism is an enlightening way to spend an hour.

The basic premise is the Communists (Lenin, Stalin, and Mao) killed millions and million more than Hitler. We don't talk bad about Commies as much though because they had "good intentions." Caplan argues
In short, both ideologies began with the creepy demand that human beings stop being the diverse, self-interested animals that we are, and eagerly jumped to the conclusion that a bloodbath was in order.
This is why I just have to shake my head at people who wear Che or Lenin shirts. They prop them up as revolutionaries, ignorant (or worse, not) to their brutal tactics. Another astute observation,
Perhaps the parallel is hard to see precisely because, even in the West, anti-capitalist propaganda has successfully dehumanized the bourgeoisie, landlords, money-lenders, and “the rich.” So when we hear Communists chant “Death to the bourgeoisie,” we don’t feel the same way we do when we hear Nazis chant “Death to the Jews.”

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