11 May 2006

Buy American-- Buy Honda.

The Big Three "US" car manufacturers have long appealed to an American's desire to keep America strong by buying american. News flash .,
Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration... show only 65% of the content of a Ford Mustang comes from the U.S. or Canada. Ford Motor Co. buys the rest of the Mustang's parts abroad. By contrast, the Sienna, sold by Japan's Toyota Motor Corp., is assembled in Indiana with 90% local components.
My Honda is made with 70% U.S./Canadian Parts, the engine was made in the U.S.A. and the final Assembly point was in East Liberty, Ohio. The Big Three claim that they employ more Americans though,
"What's better for the American economy?" Mr. Doyle asks. A GM car "built in Mexico with 147,000 jobs back here in America or a Honda built in Alabama with 4,000 or 5,000 jobs in America?"
A comment on the CafeHayek blog post puts it well
In that spirit, I'm going to open a hot dog stand and hire 500 people to work it. I'll be the most American company in the country. I'll be creating 500 American jobs!

Will someone tell Lou Dobbs I'm available to be on his show anytime he needs a true American hero?

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