08 May 2006

The Living Wage: Part Ten point Seven Two

I read the UVa Livinig Wage Campaign's document on Living Wage Economics. It has all the pretenses of being about economics

This is for the ECON folks out there who doubt the living wage, in language they can understand: a refresher course of ECON 201, to go beyond elementary supply and demand.
I thought, "wow, this is written for me!" Unfortunately, as I read, I discovered it was not for me nor was it for any other ECON folks as I define them. I was most pleasantly surprised to find the document was authored by some one I know!

Again, unfortunately, I get into these discussions when I am busy with other work, but I will have a post up soon where I discuss these Economic arguments point by point to see if I can lend some insight and perhaps give another perspective. Of course nothing I write is a personal affront to the author, who I actually respect a lot, and though I don't think I actually had to write that, just thought I would to avoid misunderstandings.

Update: Here is a draft that I penned up. It could use plenty of work, especially from you Econ junkies out there. Oh and I know about halfway through I lose my composure, but I'll try to clean that up, it happens when it gets late. You can email me with corrections or suggestions. I'm not trying to make it solely my reply, I just want it to be good.

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