31 August 2006

Nice pic... correction, nice pixels

I was looking for a picture to put up as my laptop background. I found this Cessna 172 Skyhawk. It's a beautiful picture. Look closer. I've had it for two days and I just realized that it is a computer graphic. Granted I picked it from a google thumb nail photo and never looked at it closely until now... wow.


Anonymous said...

Okay, how do you know it's a computer graphic. Not doubting you, just wondering what tipped you off.


Jeff Shepley said...

First it was the trees on the mountains. They look too pixelated. Then the nose cone in front of the propeller-- it doesn't seem to have the right shading. Then letters on the side, I think all real aircraft are required to have a number thingie like "N7068". But it really is quite good.