07 August 2006

Content Warning: Lacking

When I started this blog, I had tons of ideas stored up that I wanted to get down. Sure, I would use current events to exemplify those ideas, but my point is that I was not simply recycling others' ideas -- at least without adding what I felt was a fresh insight.

However, it seems of late that I'm suffering from a bit of punditry-block, i.e., my posts largely link to other posts and then simply add something as substantive as "I liked this link." I do apologize for becoming a link portal of sorts. As I am working full-time, I find myself without time to read as many interesting books and such as when I was unemployed.

However, I am involved in some interesting stuff and have not given up on blogging yet! So, take heart, though the tap has run dry, be prepared for a trickle of thick brew every once in a while!

1 comment:

Alex Rixey said...

Hey Jeff,

Never fear, at least you're doing all the leg work of scouring the internet for me (which I unfortunately don't have time to do anymore), and at least you're posting something (which I definitely don't have time to do anymore). There's always value added, even if the way you add information is by filtering some information away... I hope everything's going well with the new job!