09 April 2006

A short insight on immigration restriction

I have a team paper coming up on technology and ethics. Considering current events, immigration reform bills, protests, etc., this seems a relevant problem.

All men created equal does not just apply to Americans. I think that good people should be able to move freely. If they can move, legally and cheaply, they will eventually end up where they are happiest. If not free, they'll do so illegally and therefore perhaps expensively. Yet if they are taking the risk, the reward must be very valuable.

That said, as many come, the value diminishes as the supply of labor and the spite of some neighbors grow. Not having a better option can be an incentive to make home a better place. So restricting the flow of immigrants may keep the value high, thereby reducing the incentive to make home countries better.

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Anonymous said...

Is there a formula to figure out how many people it will take to diminish the value and reduce the flow of illegal immigration? Now that would be some valuable info!