06 April 2006

Interesting links.

I am reaching the point where I can keep myself entertained without leaving my computer. This may be a bad thing. Want to know how... well here is a select subset of cool links:

Set this as a bookmark and read whenever your revolutionary spirits are low.

Ever wonder, "what is going on?" You could search google news or BBC news or CNN.com or something. I'd rather leave it to InstaPundit.

Want to see the left battle the right? I mean really see... watch these heads go at it.

Cool videos updated daily. Ignore the adult dating and porn links (there are plenty of others who will click there and keep the site's ad money flowing).

Everybody wants to read about other people's problem. Well, Prudence gives them straight up advice. Quick and dirty, kind of a Dr. Laura of the web.
Comment with your awesome links!

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