07 January 2006

When free, well, isn't.

I went to my friend's concert in Niteroi tonight. I was pretty excited, seeing as entrance was free, including free food! However, I soon remembered my economic roots -- there is no such thing as a free lunch (or churrasco!). Indeed, I waited in line for this "free" food for about 25 minutes, almost the whole time my friend was playing on stage (top of a huge music trailer). How much I would have paid to get in a shorter line! Um, how about R$5. I'm sure that price would surpass the dollar value of time spent for AT LEAST some of the shows patrons standing in the line. So how about having two or three lines. One free, for all those who don't mind waiting. Then another for, say, R$3 or R$5 for those are in a hurry to get back to the concert (mind you for the same quality food). The price would be "sold" voluntarily to only those who feel their concert time is worth more than the "freeness" of the food. In addition, it would act as a fundraiser for the event sponsors!


Anonymous said...

espero que vc curta muito seu último dia no Rio e, qume sabe, queira voltar um dia.
Sua amiga secreta.

OBS: Eu não sabia que vc tinha uma namorada... peço mil desculpas pelos comments anteriores.

Jeff Shepley said...

Tenho uma namorada? Em meus sonos!