31 January 2006

Think you are good at counting?

Try this one on for size [Note: Download may take a couple minutes]. The goal is to count the number of passes made by the players wearing white. Don't count the passes made by players in black. Can you tell how many passes were made?

Watch the video now and then navegate back to this page...

How many balls did you count? 13, 14, or 15. I usually get 14, but I noticed that at one point it appears the girl in white dishes one off while partially hidden from view, so that is 15. Go ahead and watch it again and see what you get this time.

Okay how many did you count the second time? Wait! Did you see anything else? No? If not, go back and watch the video again, this time don't count the balls at all, just watch the video. Can you believe you missed that (twice no less)?!


Anonymous said...

I did this in my psych 101 class. I actually saw the guy in the gorilla suit the first time. What do you think that means? Am i ADD? Also you know what happens but do you know why? I do, but as you usually do in your blogs i'll leave it up to you to find out or give your ideas. Also as a suggestion for a future blog you should talk about Blink and the harvard study. Also i'm buying Germs: Bullets of Steel this weekend so after you get a better hold on your thesis you can borrow and then we can both blog the bonkers out of that book. Carry on.....=).

Jeff Shepley said...

I don't know what that means for you. Maybe you don't listen to directions? Our senses take in a lot more information that we can process. So as we focus our attention on the players in the white shirts and count, we don't have a whole lot of cognitive processing left over to process items in the periphery, especially when they are similar to the surroundings.

I thought it was Guns, Germs, and Steel... but I forgot.