29 July 2005

Have a bone to pick?

I'm not a heavyweight fish eater but in recent years I've had some great fish eating experiences. So it was rather to my dismay to discover that they don't pull the pin-bones out of the fish here in Brazil. This may seem like a minor nusance, but somehow for me it ruins the experience. And I'm not just talking about the fillets (which shouldn't be too hard to debone); I had a fish lazagna the other day complete with prickly surprises.

Here in Brazil, where the labor is relatively cheap, I was surprised that they do not de-bone. This leads me to believe that there is little demand for deboning by the fish eating population. This contrasts with the US where I suspect most like their fish deboned even though the cost of doing so seems to be higher.

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thricesplice said...

interesting; i generally i'm not a big fish person. I like the fish that tastes like meat: tuna, salmon, maybe swordfish.
But I can imagine how anoying the little bones can be. Kind of ruins the expereince when you choke on one evvery few minutes.