29 July 2005

Club Scene

I have been in Rio for a little over a month now, and the only thing worse than my Portuguese is my luck with the nightlife. Seems like at every club you are either too early or too late. The crazy part is that you instantly change from being too early to too late. Too early and nothing is going on, so you don't know if it is a good club or not. Too late and they hit you up for an unholy entrance fee. I think this is somehow related to my earlier post on Brazilian Time but the connection eludes me at the moment!

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thricesplice said...

hitting up the clooobz Mister Shepley?

In my experience, clubs are stupid. Always boils down to the same thing as a frat party. Some guys trying to get in some girl's pants... meanwhile the girls go because the like to dance, and secretly are desperate for the attention of the desperate guys.
However, I'm curious, what are clubs in Brasil like? I've only been to clubs in the Bahamas... I guess we both lack opinions on American clubs.

Oh, and how is life in Brasil in general?