07 September 2011

First Writing Course Complete

I just finished up my Arlington Adult Ed writing course. Perhaps not surprisingly, I was the only guy in the class. But even in a room full of women there were a lot of different writing styles on display each week. It was a lot of fun having to come up with a new scene or story each week and then sharing the stories with my classmates. I definitely felt a sense of community with them long before the 8-week course ended.

So now I have a stock pile of 3 or 4 super-short stories that I prepared for the course. Because I often threw them together in a few hours, they are still very "drafty", but I've been working on cleaning up one of them, titled: "Moses". It should be ready to post in a few days. As a teaser of sorts, I'm posting an early version of a map of Vidasunha and its surroundings.

Map of the Vidasu Valley

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