07 December 2010

Quick tips to increase productivity: Part I

Here are some quick and easy tips to increase your productivity:

1. Use the restroom to plan ahead. In a busy schedule, there are few natural breaks. But everyone has to submit to the call of nature. I find that taking just a minute or two to assess your current activity, whether you are being productive, and what you should do to make progress in the next 15-30 minutes after your break, can be an extremely productive activity. Use this time to reboot a stalled out work day.

2. Floss your teeth while sitting down. I find that one reason I hate to floss is that it is annoying to just stand there in front of the mirror wasting what seems like 2 minutes threading string between my teeth. Instead, grab your floss and then grab a seat. Sitting down in a relaxed position makes flossing seem less like a chore and more like a reflective moment of treating yourself to personal grooming. How is this more productive? Well, if that alternative is not flossing and flossing is a priority for you, then getting yourself to do it is quite the production increase!


chris said...

Why be productive?


Steve Finnell said...

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Anonymous said...

This is the most idiotic thing ever posted in the history of the Internet. It may be the most idiotic statement ever made.

This guy actually thinks we should plan our day during a good deuce.

vixenreloaded said...

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