18 September 2008

Are you feeling well?

I think I have a case of the whichPoliticianIsTellingMoreLies-itis. I assume that politics has always been a race to the bottom, with politicians stretching the truth tighter than a pair of Usain Bolt's spandex on Rosie O'Donnell, but the only reason they get away with it is because we must like seeing Rosie O'Donnell in nasty-tight spandex. Seriously, if anybody says they are proud of how McCain or Obama is running their campaign, I'm going to laugh. Then I going to treat you like a elementary school student, because apparently that is when your mind stopped developing.


chris said...

It really is disgusting. Both candidates came out so hard against negative campaigning and said they wouldn't stoop to it, too. Democrats have lately (the past 8 years, at least) been viewed as soft though, so faced with Republican attacks I think the Democratic campaign felt the need to harden its image. You might expect McCain to run a clean campaign, but he seems to have abandoned his old principled self in trying to appeal to more conservatives. Thus his campaign has turned to the tried and true Rovain/Clintonian style as well.

People say they're against this kind of campaigning, but despite that, is it still effective? It's like a lawyer leading a witness. Even if it's not allowed and stopped, once the jury has heard a certain idea it still lingers in the mind. Similarly, even if the public claims not to like the attack ads, are their perceptions influenced by them anyway? I have to say, I'd be more worried about the Obama campaign being perceived as soft if they didn't have any attack ads. The latest ones though are just completely ridiculous (on both sides). The ads are so serious and so biased as to be caricatures of themselves. I don't see how anyone can take them seriously.

chris said...

A solid blog post here: http://www.volokh.com/posts/1221851645.shtml

semperfidelis said...
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uturnatreality said...

hahah i loved reading this.

and it's very true. there are many articles out right now about how, during the vice presidential debate, both biden and palin blatantly lied on several occasions. And it happened so frequently, that it's said both campaigns promoted this tactic.