29 January 2008

Follet is Back for Foreal

I'm usually wary of the sequel. It is so often a let down. The essence of the original is... well, original and it is that originality which makes it such a joy.

It is a rarity that I find a book that I enjoyed as much as The Pillars of the Earth. I suffered mixed emotions as I came to the end of the 1000 page masterpiece. On the one hand I wanted the thrills to go on. On the other hand I realized that reading an average of 150 pages/night left me feeling a little consumed (read: addicted).

I read Code to Zero, another Ken Follet novel, right after Pillars and I was left underwhelmed.

So I was inclined to chalk up Pillars to a fluke. Never-the-less, I approached the sequel, World without End, with an open mind. Another 1000 pager, it certainly had a little bit of a formulaic feel after Pillars, but it is much more than an attempt to ride the coattails of the first. It hit the spot like a fix just after rehab. Thanks, Ken... let's just not wait another 18 years for the next one, okay?

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Chris said...

I have to know...how is a book about building a cathedral that good? It sounds exceptionally dry. As a matter of fact, if this guy can make cathedral construction riveting then I'd be amazed to see what he could do with a more interesting story vehicle!

Given your enthusiasm for it, I'll probably pick up Pillars after I finish Greenspan's autobiography. (Greenspan is such a pimp, btw, I love the book.) Looking forward to spending my lunches entranced by wondrous visions of flying buttresses! Or something.