14 November 2007

My buddy Tim Harford and I go waaay back....

I sent the following e-mail to my Econ Idol, Mr. Tim Harford, regarding this blog post:

I think if I were a barista I might spend more time making a female's drink so as to impress her... not to spite her. I can't explain the increased wait for blacks though? By the way I think your book is the best in its genre and that you should be writing reviews for Freakonomics and the such, not the other way around! Anyway, write another book... though if your sales did well enough I won't have to entice you with my pitiful admiration.

Peace out,
Jeff Shepley
I know, I know, it has a very starry eyed tone... but he replied!
Hi Jeff,
You may be right, and you're very kind to write. Thank you.
There is (much) more here from the paper's author:

There is another book coming soon - timharford.com/logicoflife/

Yay, a new book! Booo, not in time for Christmas...

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Chris said...

Not posting for an entire month would be borderline criminal Jeff! Only glancing at things once these days or what?