30 July 2007

The digital lauging problem: Part II

Part I identifies the disconnect between written laughter and oral laughter during instant messaging conversation. My distinguished colleague, Alexandra Vu, in true Second Glance fashion, identifies an unexpected (and pitiful) reality that results from this disparity:
It has become a habit to write 'haha' all over the place, no wonder people who aren't really funny think they're hilarious. We are the reason why they assume they're funny, and yet we complain that they're not.
Ms. Vu goes on to refer to these pleasantly deluded individuals as "poor souls." So the next time you're rolling your eyes at that guy who just told a horrible "soooo a guy walked into a bar..." joke, remember he can't help it, he is getting rave reviews on-line (and hopefully not from you)!

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