20 May 2007

It takes two baby. Toyota comparison advertisement

I just watched a 0-60-0 test for the Toyota Tundra. If you don't want to watch the 30 second spot, my description follows:

5 trucks are lined up. They all race off at the same time. The Toyota Tundra pulls ahead as the voice track talks of its best-in-class acceleration. Then the Tundra falls back suddenly as the voice track talks of its best-in-class braking. The final shot is an overhead of the Tundra 31 feet back from the competition.

The problem with the 0-60-0 test is that it doesn't tell you what you want to know. If your truck reaches 0-60 incredibly fast, the 60-0 braking part could be incredibly bad and you'd still fair well among the competition of relatively fast and relatively good braking trucks. Seems to me, these tests should be kept separate.

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Chris said...


It's true that you can only infer that the Tundra has best-in-class acceleration from the video shown. In theory it could have the worst brakes among the trucks and still come out first because of its acceleration. You could time each of the trucks individually in the video and record the braking times, but if you're doing that they should just give you the braking results in a separate test.

Not really a very sexy commercial if they do that though, right?