03 April 2007

Where's the scandal? It's a scandalous world

The US attorney "scandal" has really got me scratching my head? I agree with a lot of stuff said here. Here are a few reasons why this is NOT a scandal (or just part of a larger one):

- Clinton fired ALL the US attorney when he entered the Presidential office. Some say, well Bush's firings were discriminate based on politics, which is not how the office of US attorney's should be rated. Well, Clinton's firings were indiscriminate, meaning he discriminated against all the attorneys by not giving any a chance. Who is to say Clinton didn't bag them all as a cover to get rid of just one or two specific attorneys he disagreed with politically?
- Maybe we should be mad at Bush/Gonzalez for the firings. But, if that angers us, we sure as hell better be angered at Clinton's firings.
- Some say, "well, Gonzalez lied about his involvement." News Flash: The Bush administration lies all the time. I don't have the numbers, but I suspect it is once a week or more. The fact that Gonzalez lied doesn't mean this particular issue is scandalous. They lie about stuff that isn't that scandalous all the time. The whole administration is a scandal.

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