17 February 2007

Blogging from Salvador: Parte Um

My Hostel is one historic city block from an internet café and instead of taking a nap (difficult when a 20 drums and brass ensemble is banging/tooting away right outside the window), I decided to blog :).

Last night I walked about 2 miles down this main road just to get out and see the city. There were locals selling soda, beer, meat on a stick, and of course, water every two feet. It seems the whole facade of the city along this road has been adapted for the purpose of providing a cold beverage to a festival goer no matter which precise step he wishes to have one (on step 10,304 or 10,307).

I partcipated in last nights festivities as "pipoca" or popcorn. That what they call the people that view the parade from the side of the street because they didn´t shell out 100 bucks or more to buy a t-shirt that allows them to walk behind the music trucks. I did shell out but not for last night . Besides, being pipoca was fun because you get to see all the bands drive by instead of just the one you are following. The other way to watch all the bands is to get a ticket to a "camarote" which is basically a roadside stand/night club, which also costs loads of money.

So as pipoca you are chilling with the poor people, the cheapskates, and the commitment-shy. Some of these would like more than anything to have your money, though I haven´t experienced the hands in my pocket that everyone had been telling me will happen. You can make a lot of friends with $20 by buying people beer or soda for their kids, so you got to bring the money.

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