22 January 2007

The gentlemanly motive.

What is the motive for chivalrous behavior? No, not Chivalry. Just your standard, modern, run of the mill gentlemanly behavior. We are always hearing that "chivalry is dead." Is it dead? Why did it die? In fact, why did it exist in the first place? Here is a theory:

In the past men treated women with respect and courteousness out of pity and guilt for the oppression that women were living in. An oppression caused by the male dominated world.

Today men treat women with respect and courteousness out of desperation due to the progress that women have achieved over the past 50 years. Women are now in direct competition with men. Men have less reason to pity women. The main purpose of chivalry today is to court a woman. Since men generally are trying to impress a small number of women at a time, they show less respect overall.

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