19 November 2006

Will you change the world for the better?

I created this quiz, The How Will You Change The World Test, in order to test one ability to change the world for the better. No empirical evidence was used in the creation of this test. Instead, I used my world view such that the test-taker results bin him/her into one of my eight categories of world citizens. I won't tell you what the bins are just yet; take the test!

Keeping in mind that I created the test, I scored as an "Average Citizen." Take that for what it is worth.


Juan Carlos Bisso said...

The test also did categorize me as an average citizen.

Btw, what is the question about your height for?

Jeff Shepley said...
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Jeff Shepley said...

As you well know many influencial people were short (Napolean, Milton Friedman) so you might ask how your ability to do good is affected by height... That is a fair question. Although that test question is not weighted heavily, the taller you are, the higher your ability score.

GirlieGirl4664 said...

I'm disappointed in myself Jeff. According to the test I'm only average. Your test has crushed my dreams of doing good in this world.

You should check out this racism test on Paula Zahn's webpage. Your test results might suprise you... I know I was suprised.

Paula's Website: cnn.com/paula

Direct link to test: https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/demo/