29 October 2006

A longer shortest political quiz

Last time I blogged on the World's Shortest Political Quiz, I came up squarely in the libertarian region of the map. However, I suspected there was inherent bias in the quiz for two reason. First, the quiz is associated with a libertarian website. And second, the site's statistics claim

Assuming a representative sample was taken of the population (doubtful!), you'd have to wonder why we have any conservatives in power. However, I have come across a revision of the questions that I believe remove some of the bias. On the graph below I've plotted my score using the original versus the revised wording (orange vs. red) with my current views. For fun, I also took the quiz while attempting to wear the political hat of Jeff from 5 years ago, again with original and revised wording (light vs. dark blue). I feel that I am more libertarian than many Americans, yet with the revised wording I come up as a borderline centrist. I consider myself 5 years ago to have been similar to the "average American" and I came up borderline statist! Ahhh!

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