31 March 2006

Consequences of blogging

Now that I'm getting a job, I've got to fill out a background check form. This got me thinking about my past and how much any one could reasonably find out about it. As far as my past ideas and musing, Google and this blog would make them pretty clear for anybody who cared to find out.

Now, while my goal is to discuss issues solely for entertainment and enlightenment, surely the viewer's motive is important. Consider a hypothetical future boss deciding whether I should get a raise ("Well, he said some bad stuff about Bush...").

This blog shouldn't cause me to many problems (I hope) for the following reasons
It rarely, if ever exceeds a PG-rating.

Entry titles will never start, "Ten reasons I hate my..." followed by the name of my boss or co-worker.

My ideas and views, while occasionally controversial, are not of the type that are embarressing to discuss in polite company.
That said, the prospect of being read by an unintended audience has got me taking a second glance at some of my past blog entries.


Anonymous said...

It's why I always find it hard to write in a journal---I'm always imagining someone reading it, so I labor over the compostion ad nauseum. Therefore, I do very little journal writing.


Anonymous said...



that girl said...

wow. no doubt, there is a special place in hell for me then.

if your ears are delicate...don't read my blog. I curse like sailor.